Sick Day

There was a topic in one of the 365 groups about how photographers’ houses always seem so neat in pictures.  Several people said that that wasn’t the case at all, that they usually work around the mess or shove it out of the way to take photographs.  I usually don’t do either.  In my house, the mess is part of life.  Random toys and stuff find their way into backgrounds all the time.

This is L.  She wasn’t feeling well that day, but still managed to “pose” for a picture.  This is how her bed normally looks.  It’s buried under blankets, stuffed animals, clothes, a few books, some random toys, and periodically a little girl.  And every now and then a cat.  Or two.  This is one of those times that including the mess tells a story.  This is her room, this is how she is right now.  This is part of L, and part of her story.

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