So, 2013.

New year, new blog, new goals.

A few of the goals are the normal beginning of the year type…eat better, exercise, organize something…all of the things we’re programmed to aspire to because doing those things will magically make life better.   Others are relative to more personal interests, specifically reviving my creative side.  I created this blog to have a place to show off the creative things I manage to do, and to document I’ve actually done them.  A good majority will be photography related, but I’ll try to throw in some arts and crafts too.  😉

Other than capturing all the cute things my kids and cats do, I hope to learn all the cool things my new camera can do, work towards being happy with what I create, play with new concepts, get back to the creative aspects of my life I’ve let slide (Illo anyone?), and have loads of fun.  This project is for me, and getting back into doing what makes me happy.

Feel free to look around, say hi, leave a nice comment or two.  Constructive criticism is always welcome, but please keep it constructive.  Don’t get nasty on my blog…I reserve the right to moderate comments, and if I feel something is out of line I will take care of it.

And, as much as I wish I didn’t have to say it, please don’t take my images.  If you see something you like and want to use it for something, ask me first.





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