I planned on having a theme day, and really wanted to participate in Caturday.  As in every Saturday take and post a picture of a cat (or cats).  I have two furballs, and, since I have lots of random snaps of them, I figured it would be an easy theme.

They apparently figured it out or something because they hid pretty much all day.  That’s so…feline.

So, I kept my eyes open and camera close.  The windows in the house I’m currently living in are situated so that various spots have decent light at different times of the day, but not entire rooms.  The morning is nice for the eastern facing window in the Kitchen, in the smallish area between the sink and the fridge.  Wee bit and I were there looking for something to eat, and the light on her face was wonderful when she looked up at me from my feet.  I got my camera, adjusted the settings, and waited for her to look up again.

Of course, she didn’t.  Such a toddler.

In fact, she decided to “draw” on the floor with a pretzel.

Definitely a toddler.  🙂

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