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Another month has gone by, and it’s time for a new letter to my girlies.  This month, I’m writing to my middle child, Lilah.


My Lilah,


My goofball, Lilah.  My Monkey, Lilah.

I love you, your smile, your tenacity, your creativity, your benevolence, you.

Even when you’re driving me out of my mind when you’re monkeying about on the furniture, being completely obstinate, and brimming with bold sass. Of my children, you definitely challenge my patience the most, but that’s not entirely a bad thing.  You are most definitely comfortable with who you are, steady on your own feet at just 6 years old.  I hope that doesn’t change much as you grow older.  You’ll need your tenacity, your ingenuity, your sass and spitfire, and self confidence to carve your niche in this world.  If the past few years are any indication, you’ll navigate it with aplomb.

You are my little ball of energy, my extrovert, my athlete.  I freely admit that you these traits are completely opposite of me, and I usually have no idea how to handle it.  So, after observing your talents and interests, I determined the best outlet for your endless energy and enrolled you in gymnastics.


As far as I can tell and from what you tell me, you enjoy it.  You’re learning how to tumble, and learning beam, bars, and vault.  You get along well with the other girls in your section, and I can see an improvement in the way you move and carry yourself.


Swinging around the bars seems to come easily for you.  You hop right up there and start spinning around with little help from your coach.


Vault!  Running, jumping, climbing on, jumping off…some of your favorite activities.

Since the weather’s been nice, you’ve been playing outside more.  Probably not as much as you’d like, or how you’d like (you beg to ride your bike alllllllllll the time).  Now that the school has redone the playground and added new equipment, and now that summer is only a couple of weeks off, perhaps we’ll visit it more.  We went the other day for a little while, and you played until you decided you were bored.  I think it was because I was paying more attention to Ellie than you, so maybe we’ll go just you and I sometime soon.


That face, the one on the bottom…you give me that one All. The. Time.  Tenacity…you has it.


Monkey child.  If you can climb it, chances are you will.




You totally dressed yourself.  You have your own style, your own ideas, and you’re not afraid to own them.  Don’t let that get away from you.  There will be times where it will seem like dancing to your own song isn’t cool or important, but it is.  Always.

You have just a few more days of being a kindergartner left.  Soon, you’ll be a first grader, and then more.  Even though it seems I get annoyed with the things you do and how frequently you test your limits, I look forward to seeing the awesomeness that’s within you blossom.  I know I need to be more patient with you, please be patient with me.  I’m learning from you as much as you are learning from me.

Always remember that I love you.



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  1. Laura May 14, 2013

    Love how you captured her doing all of her favorite things. What a beautiful letter!


  2. kerry May 14, 2013

    LOL..these pictures really sum her personality up. Such a variety of her silliness 🙂


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