Kids Were Here | Eggshell

I saw a neat project on a photography forum, then again from someone in an online mommy group I visit.  It’s called “Kids Were Here”, and it’s all about documenting all the ways kids remind us of their presence in our world.   Everything from the random toys they leave behind, to the piles of laundry found in their rooms, to hand prints on the TV screen.

The premise is pretty simple…to take pictures of things left behind by kids, and artistically document them being here without them being in the frame.

Most of the people I’ve found who are taking part in this project are doing it as part of a monthly blog circle, but I’ve decided not to.  I’ve decided to just take it on as a personal project instead, partially because I haven’t been able to find an open circle to join and partially because my life is filled with so many reminders of my kiddos around that I’d much rather document and post as I feel like it rather than at some set point in time for the circle.

So, to get started…

An eggshell from a hard boiled egg my 6 year old abandoned on the kitchen table one morning after eating the contents within:




For more information on Kids were here, or to see other people’s KWH projects, you can start here:  Kids Were Here


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