Vacation 2013 | Dollywood Day 1: Country Fair

More vacation photos!

Before vacation, L saw a commercial for the Wild Eagle ride at Dollywood and was adamant that she was going to ride it.  It looked awesome, and she “always wanted to ride a roller coaster”!  While looking at the Dollywood map and figuring out which areas we really wanted to see, we discovered that L was too small to ride it and the other large coasters at the park.  She was really disappointed, but Hubby told her that she would definitely ride a roller coaster by the time she gets to high school or he’d build one she could ride himself.

Thankfully, he doesn’t have to build one.  🙂


There was a kiddie coaster in the Country Fair, and of course L had to ride it.  She rode with Aunt LaLa (they’re in the yellow car…if you look close enough, you can see her hat), and loved it!  Sure, it wasn’t a big coaster, but it went fast enough for her.  M rode with Hubs in the green car, and said it was pretty fun.

One of the things I really liked about this part of the park is that there was something for everyone, even the young members of our group!


E’s first ride! The really cool part is that the ride lasted a good while, and she had fun steering the duck and pressing the little buttons that played music and made the lights flash.  I think this ducky played “Anchors Aweigh”.


L enjoyed the ride, too!


L and Cousin L riding the Busy Bees.  They were so cute!

After leaving the Fair, we found a Victorian Style carousel and went for a ride.  E picked a pretty horse, and Aunt LaLa helped her on it.  She wasn’t too sure about it when it started moving up and down, but after a bit she liked it.


Afterwards, we ate and waited to ride the Dollywood Express.  I’ll blog about our train ride and more of our vacation trip in future posts.  Maybe I’ll be done with the “vacation slideshow” before the end of summer!  😀

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