Letters to my Daughters | Happy Birthday Ellie!

Dear Ellie,

You are two years old.

Two.  Whole.  Years.

I have no idea how that happened.

I remember the day you were born very clearly.  Your birth was different than your sisters’; you decided to come a little more gradually.  I’d been having painless contractions off and on for a few weeks before you were born, but the night before I was able to time them.  I gave up trying to figure out if they were just Braxton Hicks contractions, or if they were perhaps beginning labor contractions and went to sleep.  I didn’t notice them the next morning when I woke up, but I felt differently.  Your grandmother says I was grouchier than normal, and that she thought something was going on when I fell asleep on the couch soon after I got up from bed.  I thought I was just tired.

Contractions woke me up from my little cat nap on the couch.  They weren’t terribly painful, more achy.   I realized that you were ready to meet the world about half an hour later when they became stronger and faster.  I texted your daddy telling him I wanted him home, got my water bottle, and made sure your sister was ready for school.  Daddy got home very quickly, and he put all of our stuff in the car.  Grandma realized then that you would be born soon, and helped make sure we have everything we would need at the hospital.  Then we dropped Lilah off at school, and drove to the hospital.

You were born at 2:45, after a smooth, uncomplicated labor. 2013-09-13_0001

And now, two years later, you’ve become a sweet, smart little girl who’s quickly figuring out how things work and what things mean.

You’re already asserting your self and your preferences in food, activities, and even fashion.  You’re beginning to realize that you are your own person, but you still love to cuddle and be carried.  Toddlerhood is an interesting time that, thankfully, you won’t remember too much about but the things you’re learning and experiencing now will help shape you later on.

We didn’t do much for your birthday this year.  We went to visit your great grandmother the day before, and weren’t sure we were going to be back home.  So, we didn’t plan anything special.  Sorry.  We met your Nana and Pop Pop at a local buffet restaurant for lunch, then went back to their house to visit for a while.  Nana had a cake and candles for you, and we all crowded around their table and sang to you while you just looked at the candles funny.   Ellie birthday

Then you ate cake. Ellie birthday 2

I think you liked it.  🙂

And now, sweet Ellie, I’m going to write down the things you are doing and like the most. Maybe one day you’ll find these things neat.  🙂

I love you, my little two year old!


Ellie at Two Years:

Words: Mama, Dada, Lilah (sounds kinda like ryra), Mere Mere (meh meh), Pop Pop, Nana (only when she’s not listening), mine (you use that one a LOT), stuck, shoes, hat, duck (used for all birds, but you know a duck when you see one), phone (sounds like bone), bowl, cup, butt (also used for bus and bug), Cat/Kitty, doggie, stop, gone, cheese, apple, nana (for banana), juice, thank you, no, that, this, what is it, what’s that, book, ball, mouse, ow/owie, and several others.  Plus, you’re learning more every day.

Food: Cheese, apples, carrots, sweet peppers, broccoli, pasta, tomatoes, pickles, hot dogs, green beans, chips and salsa, guacamole, roasted brussels sprouts, crackers, cookies, chocolate chips, jelly beans, apple juice, salad, pepperoni, tater tots, french fries, and lots more that I’m just not thinking of right now.

Activities: Dancing (you’re in Mommy and Me at the dance studio this year), drawing, singing, reading books, playing with Lego, cuddling, rolling/kicking/throwing balls, going on walks, climbing on things, playing with your sisters, playing toddler apps on my phone

Color:  You don’t seem to show a preference yet, but you did pick out some nice sparkly pink sneakers at Target the other day.

Weight: 22.5 lbs
Height: 33″
Teeth: 15.5 (one of your canine teeth just broke through)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde, wispy, gently curly, to your shoulders

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