Letters to My Daughters | Happy Birthday Meredith!

Dear Meredith,

Ten years ago, you were born and I officially became a mommy.

I remember the day I found out about you, and remember the days leading up to your birth.  When you decided it was time to be born, you didn’t wait around at all.  My water broke at around 2:30-3ish that morning, and the doctor caught you a few hours later at 6:45.

I remember the first time I saw you, all pink and small and beautiful.  You cried for a little while, then calmed and started studying the fuzzy shapes and shadows you could see.

You came home with us a couple days later, and we started figuring out how to be a family. Feeding you was the easy part, figuring out why you would scream for hours every night even after you were fed, bathed, changed, swaddled, worn, swayed and shushed, driven around Starkville multiple times, and whatever else we tried to calm you was not as easy.

We loved watching you figure things out, from rolling over, to sitting up, to walking, to reading (which we figure out you could do very well when you read the poster for Bridge to Terabithia at Blockbuster one night.  You were about three, and we figure you’d been able to read for a while before that but cleverly didn’t let on).   We loved your first dance recital (you were the cutest, bossiest little bumble bee on the stage!), the artwork you brought home from school, and watching you grow into a beautiful little girl.

And now, at ten years old, you are still beautiful, still very clever, and starting to realize your many talents.  You still love to read and dance.  You’ve discovered crafting, and will spend hours crocheting outfits on your doll and making bracelets for your classmates.  You were introduced to theatre over the past summer, and were bitten by the acting bug. You’re enjoying school, even if it seems to be a bit boring at times.  You enjoy riding your bike and playing with friends.  You definitely have your own sense of style and aren’t afraid to rock it.

I have enjoyed being your mommy for the past ten years, and am looking forward to seeing how you grow in the upcoming years.

I love you!


mere ten


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