Letters to My Daughters | Visitors

Dear Girlies,

We’ve had a fun month!  All three of you are fully involved in all of your activities, school is going well, and all three of you have had your birthdays!

You’ve also had visits with your Aunt Janell and Uncle Bryan and Aunt Mandy.  We don’t see them very often, but it’s nice to see them when we can!  Bryan and Mandy visited first for a few hours as they passed through town on their way home.  They chatted for a bit, then gave you birthday gifts, and chatted for a bit more before needing to leave to make it home with time to rest before getting back to work.  It took Ellie a bit to warm up to “Bo Bo”, but you did and gave him and Mandy big hugs before they left.


Your aunt Janell came up for a weekend, just to spend time with you and to see you play and dance.  She came to Lilah’s soccer game, went shopping with us at Target and played with all the fun Halloween stuff on display, gave you birthday gifts and showed you how to use them/played with them with you, watched Mere dance, and enjoyed seeing and spending time with her nieces.  All three of you enjoyed seeing her too!









We’ll see them soon at Janell’s wedding next month, along with your Aunt Karri and Grandma and Grandpa, so not too much time between visits with the Mississippi family!

As for the rest of this month, there are a couple of soccer games left, school, Halloween, and perhaps a visit to the pumpkin patch.  Hopefully the weather starts cooling down more so we can enjoy more outdoor activities, too.

Have a good October, my girlies!  I love you!



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  1. Jennifer October 15, 2013

    Those wigs are too cute. Glad they got to spend time with family.


  2. Colie October 15, 2013

    I agree with Jenn I love the costume shots. Happy to see the girls had such an amazing time with their aunt!!!


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