I was sitting with the wee one this past Thursday evening, and saw an awesome orange reflection on the wall.  I put her down, grabbed the camera, and saw this amazing sunset.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to hop in the car and go anywhere else to capture it, so the view from my front yard will have to do.Sunset2-7 branches Yeah, I *still* haven’t taken the Christmas lights off of the tree.  I put the fake snowman away…that counts, right?



The Deli Case


I’ve been taking my camera out with me more.  I got a great bag at Christmas that fits my gear and my personal stuff, and isn’t too huge or clumsy.  It even doubles as a toddler perch sometimes!   I see great photos people have taken out and about…in grocery stores, parks, the car, etc., and I want them too, LOL!  So, the camera comes with me.  I had it with me the other day, and we stopped off at a local deli to eat.  E got bored quickly, and there was no one else there, so we let her wander a bit.  She headed over to look at the yogurts and desserts in the front case, and the light and reflection caught my eye.  Well, and her cuteness! 😉

I have no idea why, but I’m relatively hesitant to pull my camera out at the grocery store or places like that.  I have no problem with it at the park or museums and such.  Perhaps it’s because photography is accepted and even expected at those places, but not so much in shops? Hmm.


Swinging high

Swinging high

The older two had asked to go to the park several times, and, since the weather was so nice, we went to the park complex by the community center.

M loves to swing.  She spent most of her time there, trying to swing as high as she could.  She did try climbing up the “rock wall” there, but that didn’t last too long.  L is nothing but a ball of energy, so she was allllllllll over the playground.  We stayed out there for an hour or so, until the temperature dropped enough that they both were complaining of being cold.  They had a blast, though, so it was definitely time well spent!

Monkey on a swing

Monkey on a swing


I planned on having a theme day, and really wanted to participate in Caturday.  As in every Saturday take and post a picture of a cat (or cats).  I have two furballs, and, since I have lots of random snaps of them, I figured it would be an easy theme.

They apparently figured it out or something because they hid pretty much all day.  That’s so…feline.

So, I kept my eyes open and camera close.  The windows in the house I’m currently living in are situated so that various spots have decent light at different times of the day, but not entire rooms.  The morning is nice for the eastern facing window in the Kitchen, in the smallish area between the sink and the fridge.  Wee bit and I were there looking for something to eat, and the light on her face was wonderful when she looked up at me from my feet.  I got my camera, adjusted the settings, and waited for her to look up again.

Of course, she didn’t.  Such a toddler.

In fact, she decided to “draw” on the floor with a pretzel.

Definitely a toddler.  🙂

Book Light

I saw M reading in the dark, and asked her if I could play around with the book light as the only light on her face.  She said that it was ok as long as I didn’t bother her reading too much.  So, I grabbed my tripod and started playing.

I really like the way this turned out, and really like being able to play with things like low light.  🙂  The best part is M likes it, too.

Sick Day

There was a topic in one of the 365 groups about how photographers’ houses always seem so neat in pictures.  Several people said that that wasn’t the case at all, that they usually work around the mess or shove it out of the way to take photographs.  I usually don’t do either.  In my house, the mess is part of life.  Random toys and stuff find their way into backgrounds all the time.

This is L.  She wasn’t feeling well that day, but still managed to “pose” for a picture.  This is how her bed normally looks.  It’s buried under blankets, stuffed animals, clothes, a few books, some random toys, and periodically a little girl.  And every now and then a cat.  Or two.  This is one of those times that including the mess tells a story.  This is her room, this is how she is right now.  This is part of L, and part of her story.


I love images like this.  Eyelash shots are so sweet, and I’ve wanted to try to take some for a while.  She was happily playing with some Duplos she got for Christmas, and was still enough that I could get in and get detail.  I have a few others, but this was my favorite of the bunch.



She wanted Cheerios for breakfast, but on her own terms.  Her older sister had been eating them out of the box, and she wanted to also.  She started out by reaching into the box and eating them that way, but it wasn’t enough.  She took the plate I was using for my breakfast and tried to pour the Cheerios onto it.  A few made it.



So, 2013.

New year, new blog, new goals.

A few of the goals are the normal beginning of the year type…eat better, exercise, organize something…all of the things we’re programmed to aspire to because doing those things will magically make life better.   Others are relative to more personal interests, specifically reviving my creative side.  I created this blog to have a place to show off the creative things I manage to do, and to document I’ve actually done them.  A good majority will be photography related, but I’ll try to throw in some arts and crafts too.  😉

Other than capturing all the cute things my kids and cats do, I hope to learn all the cool things my new camera can do, work towards being happy with what I create, play with new concepts, get back to the creative aspects of my life I’ve let slide (Illo anyone?), and have loads of fun.  This project is for me, and getting back into doing what makes me happy.

Feel free to look around, say hi, leave a nice comment or two.  Constructive criticism is always welcome, but please keep it constructive.  Don’t get nasty on my blog…I reserve the right to moderate comments, and if I feel something is out of line I will take care of it.

And, as much as I wish I didn’t have to say it, please don’t take my images.  If you see something you like and want to use it for something, ask me first.