Kids Were Here | Eggshell

I saw a neat project on a photography forum, then again from someone in an online mommy group I visit.  It’s called “Kids Were Here”, and it’s all about documenting all the ways kids remind us of their presence in our world.   Everything from the random toys they leave behind, to the piles of laundry found in their rooms, to hand prints on the TV screen.

The premise is pretty simple…to take pictures of things left behind by kids, and artistically document them being here without them being in the frame.

Most of the people I’ve found who are taking part in this project are doing it as part of a monthly blog circle, but I’ve decided not to.  I’ve decided to just take it on as a personal project instead, partially because I haven’t been able to find an open circle to join and partially because my life is filled with so many reminders of my kiddos around that I’d much rather document and post as I feel like it rather than at some set point in time for the circle.

So, to get started…

An eggshell from a hard boiled egg my 6 year old abandoned on the kitchen table one morning after eating the contents within:




For more information on Kids were here, or to see other people’s KWH projects, you can start here:  Kids Were Here


Letters to My Daughters | My Lilah

Another month has gone by, and it’s time for a new letter to my girlies.  This month, I’m writing to my middle child, Lilah.


My Lilah,


My goofball, Lilah.  My Monkey, Lilah.

I love you, your smile, your tenacity, your creativity, your benevolence, you.

Even when you’re driving me out of my mind when you’re monkeying about on the furniture, being completely obstinate, and brimming with bold sass. Of my children, you definitely challenge my patience the most, but that’s not entirely a bad thing.  You are most definitely comfortable with who you are, steady on your own feet at just 6 years old.  I hope that doesn’t change much as you grow older.  You’ll need your tenacity, your ingenuity, your sass and spitfire, and self confidence to carve your niche in this world.  If the past few years are any indication, you’ll navigate it with aplomb.

You are my little ball of energy, my extrovert, my athlete.  I freely admit that you these traits are completely opposite of me, and I usually have no idea how to handle it.  So, after observing your talents and interests, I determined the best outlet for your endless energy and enrolled you in gymnastics.


As far as I can tell and from what you tell me, you enjoy it.  You’re learning how to tumble, and learning beam, bars, and vault.  You get along well with the other girls in your section, and I can see an improvement in the way you move and carry yourself.


Swinging around the bars seems to come easily for you.  You hop right up there and start spinning around with little help from your coach.


Vault!  Running, jumping, climbing on, jumping off…some of your favorite activities.

Since the weather’s been nice, you’ve been playing outside more.  Probably not as much as you’d like, or how you’d like (you beg to ride your bike alllllllllll the time).  Now that the school has redone the playground and added new equipment, and now that summer is only a couple of weeks off, perhaps we’ll visit it more.  We went the other day for a little while, and you played until you decided you were bored.  I think it was because I was paying more attention to Ellie than you, so maybe we’ll go just you and I sometime soon.


That face, the one on the bottom…you give me that one All. The. Time.  Tenacity…you has it.


Monkey child.  If you can climb it, chances are you will.




You totally dressed yourself.  You have your own style, your own ideas, and you’re not afraid to own them.  Don’t let that get away from you.  There will be times where it will seem like dancing to your own song isn’t cool or important, but it is.  Always.

You have just a few more days of being a kindergartner left.  Soon, you’ll be a first grader, and then more.  Even though it seems I get annoyed with the things you do and how frequently you test your limits, I look forward to seeing the awesomeness that’s within you blossom.  I know I need to be more patient with you, please be patient with me.  I’m learning from you as much as you are learning from me.

Always remember that I love you.



This month, follow the link to Kerry Varnum | Kerry Varnum Photography’s letter to her beautiful daughter.  After reading her words and seeing her awesome photography, follow the links around the circle of amazingly talented, awesome mothers writing to their sweet little girls.


Laughing goat says….

I suck at blogging.



I have no idea how mommy bloggers do it.  Seriously, no clue.  I have every intention of writing a post, and then…well, usually I get sidetracked.  And that sidetrack get sidetracked.  And so forth.

Ah, well.  As long as I post something sometime.  🙂

Letters to My Daughters | 18 months

Dear Eleanor,

You’re 18 months old!  A whole year and a half!


Your personality is blossoming more and more every day!  You’re trying to communicate with us, and you get so frustrated when you can’t.  The time is coming when you’ll be able to tell us what you want or need; one of these days you’ll figure out that you can say words and sentences and getting what you want will be a little easier!  😉


We got you some new pink shoes and you LOVE them!  You HAD to have them when we found them in your size (you wanted us to put them on you right there in the store!), and you love wearing them around.  Even over your footie jammas.


Your new pink shoes on your footies! Please note the toys and stuff on the floor. That’s all you. 🙂

Other than your new shoes, some of your favorites right now are:

Foods: Cheese, grape tomatoes, mini sweet peppers, watermelon, pickles, whatever Mommy is eating
Drinks: Ice cold water and breastmilk (yes, you’re STILL nursing.  All day AND night.  It’s good for you and all, but you can cut back anytime now…)
Toys: Blocks and Duplos, Busy Bee, Laugh and Learn Puppy, Little People stuff
Activities: Cuddling, playing outside, drawing with crayons, climbing on things


I love you, my wee little girlie!  Even if you don’t let me get a good night’s sleep, run off with my cell phone multiple times a day, lure me into the kitchen just so you can play in the fridge, lure me in the kitchen so I get you a snack that you take one bite of then start whining for something else, unfold the laundry right after I’ve folded it, and cry because…well, most of the time I don’t know.  I love you no matter what.

You and the remote...the other thing you love to run off with!

You and the remote…the other thing you love to run off with!




This month I’m linking to Emily Jackson | Cat and the Fiddle Photography‘s beautiful words to her sweet little girl!  After you read Emily’s letter, please continue around the circle of wonderfully talented ladies and read the letters they’ve written for their little girls.  Last month’s letters were amazing, and this month’s are sure to be as well.

Letters to My Daughters | My Creative Girlies

One of the many projects I’m working on this year is something called Letters to my Daughters. At least once a month I will write a letter to one or more of my awesome girls chronicling something awesome they’ve done, mommy gushing over them, imparting some random bit of wisdom, or just because.  At the end of the year, I plan to make them a book of these letters…a keepsake and photo journal of their childhood.

I’ve joined a blog circle of other fantastic, talented mothers also writing Letters to their daughters.  I look forward to reading their letters and seeing their beautiful children.  This month I’m linking to Laura Mood | Everyday Blessings Photography .  Please take a moment to read her words to her beautiful daughter.

Dear Girlies,

Earlier this week we sat down and made letterboxes for school Valentines.  As always, I enjoyed watching your creativity with the materials you were given, and seeing the final products that reflect your personality and vision.  You have been blessed with creativity and the abilities needed to take your creative ideas and bring them to life.  Use these blessings often, and use them to better yourself and your world! Don’t ever stop being imaginative, and don’t ever stop creating – even when it seems pointless, or you think it’s terrible, or you think no one likes it.  Just keep writing, or drawing, or painting, or singing, or dancing, or however you feel like creating. Have fun with your art, express yourself through it, and enjoy it.  CREATE FOR YOURSELF, and let your personality shine through in your work!




And little miss E, you’ve got the world ahead of you!  You’re creative, too…you love to dance and draw.  I’m looking forward to watching you discover and develop your talents!



I love you, my  talented girlies!



I was sitting with the wee one this past Thursday evening, and saw an awesome orange reflection on the wall.  I put her down, grabbed the camera, and saw this amazing sunset.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to hop in the car and go anywhere else to capture it, so the view from my front yard will have to do.Sunset2-7 branches Yeah, I *still* haven’t taken the Christmas lights off of the tree.  I put the fake snowman away…that counts, right?



The Deli Case


I’ve been taking my camera out with me more.  I got a great bag at Christmas that fits my gear and my personal stuff, and isn’t too huge or clumsy.  It even doubles as a toddler perch sometimes!   I see great photos people have taken out and about…in grocery stores, parks, the car, etc., and I want them too, LOL!  So, the camera comes with me.  I had it with me the other day, and we stopped off at a local deli to eat.  E got bored quickly, and there was no one else there, so we let her wander a bit.  She headed over to look at the yogurts and desserts in the front case, and the light and reflection caught my eye.  Well, and her cuteness! 😉

I have no idea why, but I’m relatively hesitant to pull my camera out at the grocery store or places like that.  I have no problem with it at the park or museums and such.  Perhaps it’s because photography is accepted and even expected at those places, but not so much in shops? Hmm.


Swinging high

Swinging high

The older two had asked to go to the park several times, and, since the weather was so nice, we went to the park complex by the community center.

M loves to swing.  She spent most of her time there, trying to swing as high as she could.  She did try climbing up the “rock wall” there, but that didn’t last too long.  L is nothing but a ball of energy, so she was allllllllll over the playground.  We stayed out there for an hour or so, until the temperature dropped enough that they both were complaining of being cold.  They had a blast, though, so it was definitely time well spent!

Monkey on a swing

Monkey on a swing


I planned on having a theme day, and really wanted to participate in Caturday.  As in every Saturday take and post a picture of a cat (or cats).  I have two furballs, and, since I have lots of random snaps of them, I figured it would be an easy theme.

They apparently figured it out or something because they hid pretty much all day.  That’s so…feline.

So, I kept my eyes open and camera close.  The windows in the house I’m currently living in are situated so that various spots have decent light at different times of the day, but not entire rooms.  The morning is nice for the eastern facing window in the Kitchen, in the smallish area between the sink and the fridge.  Wee bit and I were there looking for something to eat, and the light on her face was wonderful when she looked up at me from my feet.  I got my camera, adjusted the settings, and waited for her to look up again.

Of course, she didn’t.  Such a toddler.

In fact, she decided to “draw” on the floor with a pretzel.

Definitely a toddler.  🙂

Book Light

I saw M reading in the dark, and asked her if I could play around with the book light as the only light on her face.  She said that it was ok as long as I didn’t bother her reading too much.  So, I grabbed my tripod and started playing.

I really like the way this turned out, and really like being able to play with things like low light.  🙂  The best part is M likes it, too.